Who We Are

We are Alconbury cum Weston WI, 6.5 miles from our Huntingdon WI centre and were formed in 1918.

Our meetings take place at the Memorial Hall in Alconbury, on the first Tuesday of every month (except August) and begin at 7.30pm.  

The committee for 2017 was elected by the members at the annual meeting in November 2016 and consists of nine members, most of whom have specific tasks, although all members are encouraged to be involved with the running of their institute.

The President of Alconbury cum Weston WI for 2017 is Jennie Holme (01480 890450) and the committee member who is tasked with looking after new members is Ros Partis (01480 891396).  Please contact either of them if you would like further information, but you will be made more than welcome if you wish to come along as a visitor, to see what we are all about.